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Podium Runner: Benefits of Running

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SEO Title: 10 Amazing Benefits of Running You Might Not Have Known
Meta Description: Running's benefits include a longer life, better sleep, improved immunity, mood and more—it's even good for your knees and lower back.


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Combining Achilles Articles


The Sore Achilles article does well for 'achilles' + 'running' phrases...but not many #1 spots.
Current Word Length: 951
SEO Title: How to Heal Achilles Tendinopathy – PodiumRunner
Meta Description: Achilles tendinopathy is treatable — with the proper approach.
Current Word Length: 970
SEO Title: How To Beat Achilles Tendinitis – PodiumRunner
Meta Description: This nagging injury can be long-lasting if not treated — and if your running form needs some work.
Current Word Length: 1845
SEO Title: The Achilles Tendon: What Goes Wrong for Runners – PodiumRunner
Meta Description: A sports podiatrist takes us through the types of Achilles tendon injuries and their treatment.